Inspired by a quest for excellence, the family firm works hard on its vines, seeking to provide just the right level of care to match the sensitivity of nature. Their favourite grape is none other than Pinot Meunier, one of three used in making its cuvées.


Over the generations, Xavier Loriot Champagne has acquired vine-growing expertise. Passed on to each generation, today, this working philosophy makes it possible to grow vines in a respectful, well thought-out way.

To ensure healthy vineyards, Xavier Loriot uproots some vines almost every year. This long-term work is carried out painstakingly using the back planting method. It consists of removing only the aging vines and not the whole plot. In this way, the family firm ensures healthy vineyards, guaranteeing that high-quality grapes are always produced.


Charlène need deliberation and skills to find the best possible solutions to problems with the vines. The approach begins with observation and a precise analysis of needs, always preferring to use as little treatment as possible. Tallying – a technique consisting of observing the presence of parasites on the leaves in order to anticipate disease and treatment – takes place every week. The shoots removed at each pruning are sprouted and placed back in the plots to feed the fauna and flora present on the site.

Further proof of Xavier Loriot Champagne’s commitment to sustainability: permanently asking questions about vine-growing. To ensure the very highest quality is always maintained, Xavier and Charlène impose strict, precise specifications, putting them always one step ahead of forthcoming regulations.